We help HVAC systems weather any indoor environment

Bring energy efficient comfort to virtually any building - from schools to small businesses, high rises to hospitals - with Gates heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) power transmission solutions. Our team of industry experts and application engineers continuously develop solutions that minimize downtime, lower energy costs, and reduce maintenance.

HVAC solutions to heat up your savings and cut cooling costs.

Gates belt drive and HVAC system solutions reduce power consumption, save repair and replacement costs, and eliminate countless hours of maintenance each year. Gates HVAC solutions drive a range of applications, including air handling units, chillers and cooling towers, refrigeration systems, fluid coolers, and much more.

  • Poly Chain® GT® CarbonTM belts operate at high efficiency for the life of the drive, resulting in lower power bills.
  • PowerGrip® timing belts operate without lubrication and re-tensioning to almost eliminate the need for maintenance.
  • Design Flex® Pro™ software to analyze potential solutions and calculate your savings; create custom engineered systems with Gates Design IQ™.